Getting the balls rolling on this operation I like to call Mission .22  Got the site up and running and next is to write a custom order section!

 Let me introduce myself now that I got the exciting stuff out. My name is Stephanie and I am a self-taught silversmith of 4 years. I  am a working Mom, have a darling 4-month-old girl and happy wife of a man with many hats who is a teacher as well. Together we live on a 2-acre mini farm. Our road trips and my birth land are the backbone to my inspiration with traditional silver smithing.

I was always involved in the arts as a child and have a crazy drive to always be outside. This lead into a life of surf contests in my teens then training horses and working on ranches in my 20's. Now that I am 30 and got to be a well-rounded person I started to refine my art into Leather tooling and carving, taking care and coexisting with the land and my main love for Silver.

Being indigenous from South America the Pre-Colombian Gold work always fascinated me. This life is in my blood and for ever thankful


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